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Welcome to Serenity Clinic

Serenity clinic is a dream seen and cherished by me to create a warm, compassionate & comfortable environment for mental health problems under one roof in a cost effective manner. This clinic was started from my kids’ study room, where I’d render advice or emergency service to anyone in need . I would provide honest and nonjudgmental opinion to my clients which were mostly known people.  As the word spread, I had to keep on adding more space and time to accommodate growing number of patients/clients. Now, we can proudly boast of a state of the art services for all types of mental health problems including rTMS, Neurobiofeedback, Cranial Electro Stimulation and Psychotherapy/Counselling.

Dr Anjali Nagpal

 Dr Anjali Nagpal is a New Delhi based psychiatrist who has been working with utmost honesty consciousness and determination towards making mental health a priority for her clients. Her education was from different schools in northern India viz Bal Bharti Airforce School New Delhi, Sofia Girls School Meerut, Our Lady Of Fatima, Aligarh and NC Jindal Public School ,Punjabi Bagh to name a few. Opportunity to travel widely across the globe at an early age, gave her the confidence in handling diversity or at times adversity with ease.

“Guiding you to embrace light affectionately.”

— Dr Anajli Nagpal

About Serenity Clinic

I firmly believe psychiatry is all about building relationship and once rapport is establish with a client you can effortlessly guide them through their dark moments with minimum use of medication. A psychiatrist has to be – as the cliché goes a friend, philosopher and guide and only rarely a psychotherapist for a client. At serenity clinic you will find a friendly eager to help team which would make your experience comfortable and relaxing. We specialized in adolescent and adult psychiatry.

Dr Nagpal’s advice for patients:

In my experience, I’ve observed that whenever a person is facing a mental health problem, he is not only scared but is often confused about the prognosis. Moreover, the stigma attached with this illness refrains them from sharing it with their loved ones or seeking help. Depending on the insight of the patient, while some become over cautious about the symptoms others may completely deny any illness. We understand that its a big challenge for the relatives and friends of a patient oblivious to his illness to come forward and seek help from a mental health professional. The first session could be just about discussing the approach which the family should take in handling these patients. Though they may appear to be violent or aggressive, believe me they are scared because of the world they have woven around them. As soon as you observe an odd behaviour seek help, as later the treatment is started, more is the structural damage to the brain.